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General principles of liquid filter housing selections

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As filtration specialist, SIIC team from Shanghai Indro industry co., ltd( Shanghai Filterworkshop Co., Ltd) is very glad to share with you about liquid filter housing selections

 as followings:

General principles of liquid filter housing selections
1. Import and export size of liquid filter housing
In principle, the import and export size of liquid filter housing should not be less than the import size of matching pump, generally consistent with imported pipe diameter.
2. Nominal pressure of liquid filter housing
According to the possible highest filter line pressure to determine the filter pressure rating.
3. The choice of hole mesh of liquid filter housing
Main consideration to intercept the impurities particle size, on the basis of medium process technological requirements. All kinds of wire mesh can intercept the particle size of the check table below "mesh specifications".
4. The filter material of liquid filter housing
Filter material selection and the general connection of process piping material is the same, for different service conditions can consider to choose cast iron, carbon steel, low alloy steel or stainless steel filter.
5. The liquid filter housing resistance loss calculation
Water filter, in the general calculation under the rated flow rate, pressure loss of 0.52 ~ 1.2 kpa